1908 map




Jane Rawle aged 60 and Joseph Rawle aged 10
Robert Moorman, aged 50 (born 1791) and Samuel Moorman, farmer, aged 30


not shown on findmypast.com but is on my 1851CD as:
Higher Moor 
    Samuel  Moorman aged 43 (born Dunster 1808) Farmer of 32 Acres employs 1 boy Dunster   
Mary Moorman, wife, aged 43  (born 1808 Selworthy)
John Moorman, son, aged 8  born  Minehead
Mary Moorman, daughter, aged 6 Scholar, born Minehead
Robert Moorman, son, aged 4 Scholar  born Minehead, Som.
William Moorman, son, aged 6months born Minehead, Som.
    Jane  RAWLE,  Aunt, Widow  aged 79 ? should be 70 if 60 in 1841.born Minehead, Som.


Samuel Moorman, Married aged 53 (born 1808) Farmer Of 30 Acres Employ 1 Labourer
Mary Moorman Wife aged 53 (born1808) Farmers Wife ...
Mary Moorman Daughter aged 16 (born Minehead 1845) Farmers Daughter
Robert Moorman aged 14 (born Minehead1847) Farmers Son
William Moorman, aged 10 (born Minehead 1851) farmers son,Scholar


Samuel Moorman aged 63 (born Dunster1808) farmer of 35acres
Mary Moorman, farmers wife aged 63 (born selworthy 1808)
Mary Moorman, Daughter aged 26 (born Minehead 1845)
Robert Moorman aged 24 farmers son born Minehead 1847
William Moorman aged 20? farmers son

Starting at Clevelands - it seems we know have 2 Higher Moor farms

Samuel Moorman, widower, aged 73 farmer of 36acres employing 1 boy
Mary Moorman, daughter, unmarried aged 36
William Moorman, farmers son, unmarried aged 30
Sarah Court, lodger, unmarried aged 69 - annuitant born Selworthy

John Pearse aged 57, farmer of 74acres employing 2 labourers and 2boys, born 1824 Withycombe
Matilda Pearse, wife aged 54 born Minehead
Frederick Pearse(son)aged 20 free stone mason
Henry Forest Pearse(son)aged 19, joiner
Emily Pearse, daughter, aged 17
William Pearse, son, aged 15 - free stone mason apprentice
Alice Jane Pearse. daughter,aged 14
Frances Kate Pearse, daughter, aged 10


We still have the Moorman and Pearse families but the address on this census is just Moors, no.3 and no.4

William Moorman, aged 40, farmer born Minehead
Elizabeth Moorman, wife, aged 35 born Bridgwater
Alice E.Moorman, daughter, 3months born Minehead
John Pearse, widow aged 67, builder and farmer born Withycombe
Emily Pearse, daughter, aged 26, dressmaker
Alexander O'Donovan, nephew, aged10, scholar, born London
Florence S Pearse, niece, aged 15, scholar, born Gravesend

Mr.John Pearse
Pearse & Sons builders
John Pearse was a builder and farmer and had a sizable building firm in Minehead.
Pearse and Sons employed 52 men and boys.
His main premises were in the Parade, I'm not sure where. If anyone has any pictures of his yard or any other information,
I would be very happy to hear from them.
~ His firm built the Railway Station and St.Andrews Church in the Parade as well as the main part of
the Methodist Church (the south aisle was built earlier as the only church) and then it was extended. This part being built
by Mr Pearse in 1885. The contract with Mr Pearse came to an end and the remainder was built by a Mr J.H. Langdon.
He built many projects during that time before retiring to Higher Moor which he may also have built.
Notes from the Chronology of Minehead
1744 8th April . John Wesley preaches on Minehead seafront. He was an
Anglican who preached so powerfully that people in droves began to read the
Bible. The scheme they used to read the Bible was known as a METHOD and
they eventually became known as Methodists. John Wesley therefore is
commonly known as a Methodist. his brother, Charles, wrote numerous hymns,
one is "Hark, the Herald angels sing".
1876 Methodist church opened in the Avenue on April 16th
1886 Enlarged Methodist Church opened on 1st July.
1906 April, schoolroom added to the Methodist church in the Avenue.

Newspaper cutting about the consecration of St.Andrews Church in 1880

St.Andrews Church
> Built: 1880 > Architect: George Street > Style of worship: Open Evangelical > Our Patron: The Bishop of Bath & Wells

The Moorman family have moved to Lower Halsway farmhouse, nr Crowcombe

This is the only property now listed as "Moor"

James Land aged 34, carter on farm born withiel florey
Ellen Land,wife, aged 28 born Luxborough
Thomas Land, son aged 6 born Dunster
Mary Land aged 4 born Dunster
Evelyn Land aged 2 born Blackford

William Moorman & family have now moved to Williton

Above - Kebbys farm, Long Street, Williton. Home of William and Eliza Moorman in above census.

1911 Occupants of Higher Moor farm Charles Cole & Ellen Bass who married in Dunster in 1893

I was told that todays Higher Moor Farm used to belong to the Huntley-Palmer (the biscuits) family and is now owned by Doctors Neville and Higgie